Luke Bryan - Styleframes
Moto X - Styleframes
ESPN College Football : Styleframes
ATT Sports Magazine: Styleframes
X particles and Redshift
Displacement Vertex
Redshift Displacement
Without Coffee
Here is the result after working with Brian Wood for a couple of hours learning how to typset with actual type.
An animation to describe what Luminar does as a company.
Topography experiments
Playing around after watching a tutorial on Grey Scale Gorilla. Thanks Mike.
Dish Network
Insider Open: Working with Big Bite Entertainment we were asked to design and animate a number of shots in this open for Dish Networks features channel. Showing off the key features of there new product. This was the beginning of an hour long program that went in depth with all the features. Executive Producer : Graham Clark Producer / Editor : Roddy Bab Design & Animation : Kevin Kerndt
American Express
Made for Post Modern to present to Crispin Porter & Bogusky.
Tantrum Logo
just animating a logo.
College Board - Opportunity
We worked with Tech Greyscale to transform the design to animation.
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
Animated Logo
CINEMA CO - Colorado's film incentive initiative
Worked with James Drake to produce this animation to encourage the film community to come out and support the pending bill.
Glowing Purple Rock
messing around with textures in Cinema
Hunter Douglas
Pinto Hunter Douglas
Movies in the Park 2014
We have worked with Community Financial Credit Union for about 7 years now. Good people and they are proud to support their community and one of those ways is to host movies during the summer at a nearby park. They allow us alot of flexibility to create the open. It's a modest budget be we are proud to work with then when we get the chance. This open has been evolving year to year and we try to offer the viewing audience a interesting introduction to the night's event.
Corsite Data Center
Working with E Collective we were asked to model a data center.
Movies in the Park 2014
Movies in the Park. I have worked with Community Financial Credit Union for about 7 years now. Good people and proud to support their community. We do a park viewing of some great movies. Fun to come out ant play some frisbee.
CFVA - Tag
Created a tag for Colorado Film & Video Association using their logo and interpreting it as blocks that build together.
Play 2 Shop
I was asked to design and animate a web header for Play 2 Shop's gaming site.
Economics Diner
Working with Matt Benson who designed the frames, I animated the type and imagery to sync with a discussion recorded from a talk given by Paul Saffo, Managing Director of Discern Analytics.
Elway's DIA - Street Source
Another edit from FLIPPIN for Street Source and DIA Elway's
Portico End Tag
We were asked to create an end tag animation for Portico Luxury Vacation Villas. They have their own in house production team that shoots and edits video, but they needed an end tag to finish off their spots. Found a cool plugin HOT4d for cinema to create a realistic water.
Big Fish - Trailer
We helped with the branding and marketing to promote the show. Also shot and edited the trailer to promote upcoming performances.
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